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Science: Geology: Maps, Geologic Maps, and Imagery


National Map Viewer - the National Map viewer can be used to create a custom map of a specific area or find the latitude and longitude of a specific place on a map. Use Options to change how latitude and longitude are shown.


Map Education Packets from USGS - The U.S. Geological Survey has developed three teacher packets related to maps:


Geographic Names Information System - can be used to identify the name(s) of maps that show a particular feature or location.


Topographic Map Symbols - a guide to symbols used on U.S. topographic maps.

Aerial Images and Photographs

EROS Image Gallery Collections - a special collection of images and image collections from the EROS (Earth Resources Observation and Science) Data Center. This site includes images from collection that can be downloaded, including Earth as Art and Voyage of Lewis and Clark.

NASA Image Exchange (NIX) - a search engine that can look for photographs and images on a wide variety of topics at all NASA sites. Most photographs are digital and can be viewed online.

Geologic Maps

Geologic maps show the distribution of geologic features, including types of rocks and unconsolidated sediment in an area and structural features, such as faults and folds. Geology is shown by colors, lines, and specialized symbols unique to geologic maps.


National Geologic Maps Database - published geologic maps throughout the United States produced by the U.S. Geological Survey and Association of American State Geologists.

Sample Maps of Vermont:

Map of the Chittenden quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Mount Carmel 7.5 x 15 minute quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Pico Peak Quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Pico Peak Quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Townshend 7.5 degrees 15 minute quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Wallingford quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Andover Quadrangle, Vermont


Map of the Arlington Quadrangle and Vermont portion of the Shushan Quadrangle, Vermont

Tapestry of Time and Terrain - contains information on the geology of the United States, including a geologic map of the United States superimposed on a digital landform map.

The North American Tapestry of Time and Terrain - a geologic map of North America superimposed on a digitally produced landform map.